SOLD - $50,000

KLG Superstar #1 of 2

This rare two-of-a-kind philanthropic token grants the owner and one guest two domestic roundtrip flights to meet Kathie Lee Gifford for lunch in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Spend a day on downtown Broadway, laughing, singing, and getting to know Kathie over a bottle of GIFFT wine. 100% of Kathie’s proceeds support her philanthropic mission through the Association to Benefit Children in New York City, and The Rock, The Road and the Rabbi Foundation— a non-profit designed for one purpose: to share the Gospel in a unique and accessible way.The KLG Superstar NFT is a part of Kathie Lee Gifford’s inaugural limited edition Pioneer Star series. It includes access to the KLG Pioneer Club member-only events, content, and airdrop rewards.

Meet Kathie for Lunch in Nashville

Support Kathie's philanthropic mission by purchasing her one of two rare Superstar NFTs. The NFT owners and their plus one will fly roundtrip to have lunch with Kathie in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kathie’s Philanthropic Mission Through NFTs

I’ll be donating every cent that I receive from my Star collection to the Association to Benefit Children in New York City and to my charitable foundation The Rock, The Road and The Rabbi—a non-profit designed for one purpose: to share the Gospel in a unique and accessible way.

  • KLG Hangout

    All 500 members of the Pioneer Club are invited to Kathie’s virtual fireside talk to answer questions directly from pioneers and share the inspiration behind Kathie’s NFT Collection.

  • Signed Books

    Win an autographed copy of Kathie’s new book, The Jesus I Know. 50 books will be dropped into your wallet. 

  • Lunch with Kathie

    Fly to Nashville on us to meet Kathie. 1 pioneer will be randomly selected. 

  • Happy Hour

    Get to know Kathy at her virtual happy hour. 5 pioneers will be gifted. 

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Within the following week of your pre-order, you will receive instructions to access your wallet and view your KLG NFT.

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